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Luke Van Camp's Floors and More, Inc.

Luke Van Camp's Floors and More


Luke Van Camp’s Floors and More, Inc. guarantees the quality of workmanship to be professional and in keeping with industry standards. We warrant to the Owner that flooring installation work performed will be free of defects due to workmanship for the lifetime that Owner owns the floor, subject to the other terms and conditions contained herein. This warranty only covers problems relating to defects in workmanship directly caused by faulty installation by Luke Van Camp’s Floors and More, Inc. This warranty is valid only for original owner-occupied residential installation and will be invalidated if problem is due to improper maintenance or cleaning, abuse,  normal wear and tear, excessive moisture, vandalism, alteration, or any circumstances out of our control. Problems relating to materials are the responsibility of the manufacturer and the Customer is to refer to the manufacturer's warranty, if any. 

If any portion of your installation should fail with respect to this warranty, we will repair the improperly installed portion. Repair is the sole remedy under this warranty. There is no guarantee that the same or a similar product to the original flooring will be available at the time the repairs are made. The Customer agrees to accept a reasonable replacement product or substitute Installation Provider, if either may become necessary. 

We reserve the right to investigate, assess and validate reported claims by, among other things, requesting samples from you for technical analysis and performing an inspection of the flooring and installation location.

This warranty is not valid if flooring and installation materials are supplied by anyone other than Luke Van Camp's Floors and More, Inc.